IT Gems
Polish Software House

We want to welcome you in our House
where we believe in interdisciplinary teams, user friendly design and agile approach. We develop Internet and mobile applications.

About Us

At IT Gems we work with great people every day. We know that people are the most important factor and we know how to change them in gems. We are fast growing outsourcing company and software house located in Poznan (Poland).
Let us present our offer to you.

Our offer

No matter how great the project is, it always needs a strategy in order to reach up to its full potential. We know a lot about mobile market so let us help you out with that.
Our approach combines: business savvy + agile project management + software craftsmanship
Mobile UX/UI
Design without UX does not work, on the other hand UX without UI nobody likes. Therefore we always think of both of these aspects and try to balance them.
Environment in which we are living in always changes and its the same with Apps. Therefore in order for them to work properly they need to be treated carefully.


We have a very high quality standard that we work to, and a very particular way of working that works very well for us. That probably doesn‘t work for you. If you want it fast and cheap, go somewhere else.
We don‘t do that!

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Need some solid dev/mobile force to help you out, or you just want to say hello!?